When Sweet Bread Productions began filming live bands more than a decade ago, some of our first projects included Facing New York and Gavin Castleton. Over the summer, Rare Futures, ex-FNY multi-instrumentalist Matt Fazzi's current main band (the dude's in like 5 others at any given time—seriously he's like the Forrest Gump of weird groovy indie prog) and Castleton released an excellent split EP of cover songs and went on tour. Their set was more or less equal parts Rare Futures and Castleton songs with the aforementioned covers in the mix. These videos are from the last stop on that tour, at Redding, California's The Dip Bar. The 30-odd people that showed up had their minds blown.

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Rosetta, Cafe Colonial, Sacramento, Calif., 10/10/17

Domeshots and Omissa, Toot's, Crockett, Calif., 12/16/17

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