Martinez' Fingertight briefly enjoyed more mainstream success than most in the East Bay scene. They were briefly signed to Columbia records who released their debut full-length album, In the Name of Progress. Singer Scott Rose briefly joined Sleep in Fame, then went on to sing for This Is War. Drummer Kirk Shelton played with The Few and later Dead Drift

Thanks to Shelton and guitarist Sergio Reynoso for hooking us up with many of these recordings. Shelton included a little history of some of the demos, quoted below.



Miscellaneous demos and live stuff

  1. King
  2. Life in Time
  3. Drift (live)
  4. Idioteque (live Radiohead cover)
  5. Dan's Song (live)


Problems & Headaches demo

"Problems and Headaches was a collection of songs recorded in Huntington Beach Ca. as a demo for what was hoped to be a second record on Columbia."

  1. Own Me
  2. Problems & Headaches
  3. The Trick
  4. Lounge Act
  5. Happy Now
  6. It's Mine


Serge demos

"Various songs recorded in our rehearsal studio at different times by Sergio."

  1. Problems & Headaches (old)
  2. Bruised & Broken (where do we go)
  3. It's Mine (old)
  4. Own Me (old)
  5. Cold And Tired
  6. Something Else
  7. Need To Want
  8. The Trick (old)
  9. Maybe
  10. Cold and Tired
  11. S.O.S. From A Somebody
  12. Do It Again
  13. Falling Into Place


Seashine Sessions

"Seashine Sessions were the demos we did in a beach house in Fort Bragg Ca. It was a month-long song writing session before going into the studio to record In The Name Of Progress."

  1. All Around Me
  2. Waiting
  3. Lounge Act (old)
  4. Selfishly Consuming
  5. Nothing
  6. Perfect
  7. Lion Keeper



Industry demo (2002)

We at SBP like these versions more than the ones that ended up on In the Name of Progress.

  1. Speak in Tounges
  2. Bellevue
  3. Guilt


2001 demo

"2 songs we recorded at Studio 880 after Meantime Between Failures was finished. We shopped these along with Meantime to hope to get a record deal. This demo led to the Johnny K demo with Speak In Tongues, Guilt and Bellevue which eventually got
us the Columbia deal."

  1. Satori.mp3
  2. King (old)


Live at the Whiskey

  1. Nothing (live)
  2. Bellevue (live)
  3. Speak In Tounges (live)
  4. Satori (live)
  5. Surface (live)
  6. Guilt (live)



Meantime Between Failures

  1. Shrink (Magazine Song)
  2. Colour
  3. Guilt
  4. Circular Motion
  5. Surface
  6. Resurface
  7. Nathaniel
  8. Speaking



Suburban Hardcore Contemporary

"Suburban Hardcore Contemporary was Fingertight's first full length demo. Recorded around 1998 in El Sobrante Ca. It features a very raw, early Fingertight sound with original singer Shayne. I liked a lot of the ideas here but the rap/rock thing was on it's way out. When we experimented with music that needed melodic vocals, Shayne's style no longer fit. We later found Scott."

  1. Blue To Red
  2. No Worries
  3. Sweet
  4. Virtue Is
  5. Composed Muse
  6. Not A Step
  7. All About It
  8. Mild Hot Solitude
  9. Sell Fish Kid
  10. Fade Away
  11. JMerrick
  12. Conejo (hidden track)

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