This was the band that got us into local music. They started off as kind of a funk-metal band reminiscent of Primus or early Incubus in the late '90s and evolved into something more accessible but equally impressive — especially considering most of them were still in high school for much of their career — before their eventual breakup in 2003.


Live at iMusicast (August 23, 2003)

  1. Departure
  2. Farther I Go
  3. Penetrate
  4. Aging
  5. Bug
  6. Footsteps
  7. Why Fight It
  8. King of you



The Lost EP (2003)

  1. Farther I Go
  2. Every line
  3. Aging
  4. Riding With No Hands
  5. Incomplete
  6. Footsteps


Why Fight It EP (2003)

  1. Departure
  2. King of You
  3. Bug
  4. Why Fight It?
  5. The Day That I Met You
  6. Lasting Image


Bug EP (2002)

  1. Bug
  2. Overdue
  3. Flash
  4. See Through
  5. Painted Face
  6. Why Fight It?


Bug EP Outtakes (2002)

  1. Cleaning Up
  2. Recycle Yo' Shit
  3. How It Feels
  4. Fungus


Original tracklisting of Bug EP was:

  1. Bug
  2. See Through
  3. Flash
  4. Overdue
  5. Painted Face
  6. Cleaning Up
  7. Recycle Yo' Shit
  8. How It Feels
  9. Fungus
  10. Why Fight It



Basement Jam Tape (11/10/2000)

This was passed on to us years ago. It's a random band practice from when Growth still played as a five piece, with guitarist Jason Dayton providing the parts not heard on the finished versions of these songs.


  1. Overdue
  2. Why Fight It?
  3. [instrumental jam]
  4. Painted Face
  5. Bug
  6. Cleaning up*
  7. Fungus
  8. How it Feels*
  9. Flash
  10. See Through


Spread the Word (2001)

  1. Intro
  2. Burning Hills
  3. Humdrum
  4. What's Meaningless
  5. Long Life
  6. Spread the Word
  7. Growth
  8. Plunge
  9. Equation
  10. Headless



Demo (1999)

  1. Spread the Word
  2. Growth
  3. 15 Sec
  4. Humdrum
  5. Ocean Floor
  6. Long Life

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