Sweet Bread Productions began in 2005 when a bunch of bored would-be media professionals and some other friends got together to make a really epic movie based on our collective inside jokes. The brand grew into a catch-all of sorts for whatever we were working on in our spare time. The organization had no singular purpose.

As we went to college, got real jobs and (although with frequent exceptions) lives, the organization became mostly dormant and our website fell into disrepair. With the occasional exception of a live concert video or music review from time to time, Sweet Bread Productions fell silent. But the itch to create something remained.

The new SBP website went live in December 2010 and aims to serve as a catalyst for us to pick up where we left off. Among our (rather nebulous) goals:

  • Promote little-known musicians, artists, writers, filmmakers and causes we like.
  • Maintain an archive of local and underground artists who are no longer active. Local music, in particular, has been a huge influence on us and we aim to share it with those who remember it as fondly as we do and those who never got the change to experience it in its own time. This feature, The Graveyard was one of the more popular features of the old SBP site and we hope it continues to grow.
  • Provide contract photography/videography and mobile recording services for local customers and events.
  • Eventually produce some more short films. We have a lot of ideas that have been slowly gestating over the years and would like to bring them to fruition.

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Shows we're filming

Rosetta, Cafe Colonial, Sacramento, Calif., 10/10/17

Domeshots and Omissa, Toot's, Crockett, Calif., 12/16/17

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 We generally cover our own expenses to produce the work you see here. If you like what we do, we encourage you to make a donation.

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Tuesday Tracks

Each Tuesday, we feature a song from our Graveyard section (archives of recordings from defunct bands and musical projects we liked) on our Soundcloud page.