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We haven't seen him for a while, but Bennett Larson (aka Moriarity von Evilsworth) assisted in wrting some of our finest work during our formative years.

John Osborn didn't submit a bio, but we'll forgive him because he's probably busy winning a Pulitzer or something.

Robert is the former bass player for progressive rock band Ignus Verma, and is working on an untitled side project — in which he writes all the music and most of the lyrics — bound to bring prog into the hip-hop world.

He is also developing a comic book with film director John Neira titled "Red List" based on his story of betrayal, trust, oppression, and resistance. On top of that he is working on a website, which will be host for all things "odd" and unique in the music scene.

This guy sucks.

Check out his blog.

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