So after talking about this for more than a year, we've finally finished going through eight years of old footage from the various shows we've filmed since SBP's founding. We're going to post the whole list here and if there's anything you'd like to see a finished cut of, drop us a line. We'll get to them as soon as possible but can't promise any specific turnaround time at present due to other obligations. Also, please understand that a couple of the artists we shot have requested that we don't distribute live footage of them, so if you request something that might conflict with that wish, we will defer to the musicians before editing anything. Bear in mind that many of these were shot on pretty cheap equipment when we first started off, so our apologies for the crappy quality on some of the early stuff. An asterisk next to a song indicates that we've already edited and posted it. Check our YouTube channel and let us know if you can't find something we've already worked on. We're still researching some song titles and there are a couple of recent shoots we haven't catalogued yet, but it's pretty comprehensive. Anyway, here it be, in roughly alphabetical order:




Brighton Bar, Long Branch, N.J., 2/20/10

El Drugstore

A Fucking Elephant (close only)



[setlist coming soon]


East of the Wall
Setup/Children of the Underworld
*Meat Pendulum/Winter Breath
Mud Button
Dirt Merchant/Running Tab of Sweetness/Horseback Riding in a Bicycle World
Precious Memories
Clowning Achievement (incomplete)

Cantell, FUKM, Exit 27, Toot's, Crockett, Calif., 2/17/17

Exit 27



Asked 4 It
Bombs Away
High & Fuck
Oakland’s Burning
Road Kill
War Lords
Washed Up
Locked & Loaded
Fuck It

Cantell (first show)

Waiting For The Sun
Join Forces
Welcome To The Slaughter
Take Your Ass Home

Cash Pony, Aubergine, Sebastopol, Calif., 5/1/15 (3-cam)

[full set, song titles pending]

Cave In, Psycho California, Observatory Santa Ana, Calif. 5/15/15 (Three/four-cam)

*Dark Driving
*Youth Overrided
*Innuendo And Out The Other
Halo Of Flies
Big Riff
Summit Fever
*Sing My Loves


Circle Takes The Square, 924 Gilman, Berkeley, Calif. 4/2014

Enter by the Narrow Gates
Spirit Narrative
Way of Ever-Branching Paths
The Ancestral Other Side
Same Shade as Concrete
In the Nervous Light of Sunday
A Closing Chapter (Scarlet Rising)
Singing Vengeance Into Being
Interview at the Ruins
A Crater to Cough In
Non Objective Portrait of Karma
Kill the Switch


Domeshots, WOW Hall, Eugene, Ore., 1/18/15

Camp Candy
Our Last Night On Earth Together
Ego and Existence
Box II
The Suit


East of the Wall, New Brunswick, NJ, 9/30/11

Naif/Linear Failure
Precious Memories
A Functional Tumor
*Century of Excellence
Whiskey Sipper/Underachiever

East of the Wall, Mexicali, Teaneck, N.J., 10/01/11

*Naif/Linear Failure
Precious Memories
A Functional Tumor
Century of Excellence
*Whiskey Sipper/Underachiever

Facing New York, Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco, Calif., 2/03/06

We Are
Roman Son
Styrofoam Walls
Fly on the Wall
Full Turn


Facing New York 7/17-18/06 (2 cam)

Semi-unplugged jam
The Messenger
Styrofoam Walls


At Chico, Calif. coffeehouse

Facing New York

Paper Shepherd (dual drums)
The Messenger
Styrofoam Walls
Full Turn
*Roman Son



Winter Solstice

Facing New York 10/15/06 (The Verge, San Rafael, Calif.-2 cam)

with Gavin Castleton on keys

*Paper Shepherd
*The Messenger
Roman Son
Cutting My Hair
*Bad Rabbits
Styrofoam Walls
We Are/Javelina
{gavin monologue/jam}
Full Turn


Facing New York 12/22/06

The Messenger
Paper Shepherd
Roman Son
Cutting My Hair
*We Are/No
Comin’ Up (first time ever played live)
Dual drums jam/Styrofoam Walls
Full Turn

Facing New York/RXB, Catalyst, Santa Cruz, Calif., 7/30/2011

Facing New York

Man Up (ending only)
Cops on Bikes
*New Jam
Forest (beginning and end only)
Me N My Friendz


RX Bandits

Drum jam
In Her Drawer
Infection (incomplete)
Decrescendo (incomplete)
...And The Battle Begun (incomplete)
Apparition (incomplete)
Bluesy jam (incomplete)
Overcome (incomplete)
Bring Our Children Home (incomplete)
[drum closeups and encore jam]
To Our Unborn Daughters (incomplete)
Drum Jam
Spanish jam
Only for the Night (incomplete)


February 5th, The Uptown, Oakland, Calif., 7/25/12

The House We Built
I Hereby Sentence You To Live (In Your Human Form)
*Song of the Deadlife Poetic/Box II (The Vision)
Box III (Leaving the Human) Lots of fuck-ups

Futurecastle (Rare Futures +Gavin Castleton), The Dip, Redding, Calif., 7/7/17

Not Giving Up Yet (RF)
Hope Is A Drug (GC)
*Hope (RF)
Dear Bloomer (GC)
*Kill Love (Roland Orzabal cover)
Doom (GC)
This Is Your Future (RF)
Liquid Truth (GC)
The Pressure (RF)
If You Leave Me Now (Chicago cover)
The Weirdest Trophy (GC)
No Ordinary Love (Sade cover)
Average Man (GC)
Ride The Snake (RF)


Future This (Horders) 11-25-2012

Trails in the Sand
*Void Transaction
Horde 1
Horde 4
Horde 3
*Horde 5


Gavin Castleton, Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco, Calif., 1/04/13 (Three cam shot/two tapes)

Tiny Triggers
Hope is a Drug
Expensive Love
Are You Brave?
[party jam]
[new song]
The Song You Didn’t Write
Punch Drunk Love
Bad Rabbits*

The Great Wall 12/18/2015 (Three cam)

Third House (The Ballad of Felipe Fuentes)

Happy Body Slow Brain 1/04/13 (Three cam shot/two tapes)

[New song]
Up Late
[New song 2]
Emperor (w/ intro)


Happy Body Slow Brain 10/24/10 (1 cam)

Please Do Not Fight
New York (Alicia Keys cover)
I Will Not Forget



Everything You Know
On The Road
Never Loved
We’re Strangers Now
Up Late
Your Kiss interlude
*Empty Ocean (Deepest Blues)


Hautahuah, Aubergine, Sebastopol, Calif., 5/1/15 (3-cam)

[full set, song titles pending]


Kayo Dot, Oakland Metro, Oakland, Calif., 8/21/12

Rite of Goethic Evocation
Mirror Water, Lightning Night (beginning only)
Blue Lambency Downward

Kayo Dot, Hemlock Tavern, San Francisco, Calif. 6/25/15

And He Built Him A Boat
The Mortality of Doves
Offramp Cycle, Pattern 22
The Assassination of Adam
Crossing the River
Library Subterranean

Major Powers and the Lo-Fi Symphony, Milk Bar, San Francisco, Calif., May 2012

*93000000 miles
Mr. Mysterious
Peas and Porridge
Out All Night
Ode To Russia
Wander the Wasteland
The Rich Kid Show
*We’re All Going To Die
You’re Useless


Maxwell Adams, Slims, San Francisco, Calif., 2/27/07

(Intellectual Hunger Strike album release show)
Learn By Example
Shady Predictions
Blue Heartstrings
Modern World
Never Change (cut off)
Filter f/ Geoff Garnett
Tunnel Vision


Rosetta, Blue Lamp, Sacramento, Calif. 10/10/17

Neophyte Visionary
After the Funeral
Untitled I
Je N'en Connais Pas la Fin
Ryu / Tradition
King Ivory Tower


Septacy, Rooster's Roadhouse, Alameda, Calif. 12/13/14 (3-cam)

[full set, song titles pending]


Septacy, Thee Parkside, San Francisco, Calif., 9/4/2014

Vice Versa (partial)


So Is the Tongue 10/05/2011

*After the Peel
*People Don’t Forget


Wallpaper/Gavin Castleton, Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco, Calif. ?/?/2006?

[technical difficulties with the tape, setlist coming asap]

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