Philadelphia post-metal band Rosetta recently embarked on their first West Coast tour in several years in support of their new album Utopioid. I've long been fans and hadn't seen them live since around 2010 during a visit to New York, back before they became a five-piece band with the addition of guitarist/singer Eric Jernigan.

Bit of a challenging shoot as the venue was incredibly dark (a pattern I've noticed with proggy East Coast metal bands—what gives) but a great set of material from their most recent four albums. We've chosen to prioritize Utopioid stuff here because it's new and there's not really much footage floating around of them playing it yet. They did work in "Untitled I" from 2015's Quintessential Ephemera which is my personal favorite Rosetta song and album, will likely edit and post that soonish.



We also caught one song from the end of co-headliners North, that's on the way.

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